Words that end in ey

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Words that end in ey
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What are some words that end with ey and sound like a?

Some examples of words that end with "ey" and sound like "ay" are ballet, convey, and survey.

What words end in the letters ey?

guey, hey, obey, whey, they,

What is the rule for making plurals of words ending in constant and ey?

To form the plural of words ending in a consonant, simply add -s to the end of the word. For words ending in -ey, remove the -ey and add -eys to make the plural form.

What are the diptongo words in tagalog that ends in ey?

Yehey Okey Some words have it in the middle like Reyna Empleyo Empleyado Tableya Some are "transliterated" from English, like Keyk Geyt

What words are spelled with ey?


When a word ends in a vowel and a y ay ey oy just add the ending?

Canada - end with a, holly - end with y, way - end with ay, hey _ end with ey, enjoy - end with oy,

What are the tagalog words that have ey?

Some Tagalog words with "ey" include "pulley" (pole), "swey" (sweat), "tseyder" (cider), and "tsokolatey" (chocolatey).

What town names in England end in ey?


What are animal names that end with ey?

donkey monkey

What nouns end in e y?

Some nouns that end in EY are:abbeyalleyattorneybarleychimneydonkeygalleyhockeyhoneyjerseyjockeyjourneykeykidneylampreymoneymonkeyodysseyparsleysurveytrolleyturkeyvalleyvolleywheywhiskey

What is the song on BET's commercial with the movie titles?

=== ===I wanted it too. I googled my tail off to find it!!!!!!!!!!I heard the commercial and I made myself remember a few words of the song: "I got to be unstoppable, i got to be unstoppable, ey ey ey ey i don't lie". And those words led me straight to it! Enjoy it!~prcsoldierDarienMII

Does chimney rhyme with money?

Only the "ey" at the end of both words rhyme. That makes them a "close rhyme" but they are different enough that they might not work in a poem as a rhyme.