What is AP in dragon cave?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The AP is the Abandoned Page, where you can find dragons that people no longer want.

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Q: What is AP in dragon cave?
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Can you name a dragon on dragon cave after you get the gender?

You can name a dragon on dragon cave before or after you find out what gender it is; it doesn't really matter when.

What do you put in a breeding cave to get a jade dragon in DragonVale?

You put a plasma dragon and a salamander dragon in the breeding cave.

Can you get a purple striped dragon on dragon cave?


Why does every one on dragon cave get a lot of views but you don't?

Many peopl use hatcheries on dragon cave. Try searching for 'Dragon Cave Hatcheries' You can also find a list of sites on the Dragon Cave Wiki, or you can put it in your forum signature :)

Is dino cave from dragon cave real?

Probably not.

Is TJ the creator of dragon cave?

TJ is the creator of Dragon Cave, and his username on the forums would be TJ09

Where is the nest in Knight of the Dragon?

Look around the edge of the island. You will see this hill with a cave. Go in the cave and go to the dragon eggs. You are finally a dragon!

Why isn't the Cyan dragon in its cave on HorseIsle?

You have to do a specific quest before the Cyan dragon appears in its cave.

What cave in johnto is the saffron gym leader in?

it's the dragon cave.

What are some good dragon adoption sites?

There's about two i know, Dragon Adopters and Dragon Cave. Links: For Dragon Cave For Dragon Adopters Hope i helped! ~ JokerWolf ~

What are some dragon egg hatching and raiseng games?

dragon cave

How do you get a gemstonedragon in drgonvilla?

you do a cactus dragon and a crystal dragon in the breeding cave if you want an emerald dragon