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elite four is the enemy forgotten

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Q: What if Elm doesn't call after you beat Gym Leader Pryce but you didn't forget to beat any Gym leader?
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What Pokemon does Pryce the gym leader have in fire red?

There is no gym leader called Pryce.

What if Elm doesn't call after you beat Gym Leader Pryce?

You probably skipped the sixth Gym Leader, Jasmine. Common mistake. You beat Chuck, get Fly, and surf to fight Pryce. But, you forget to fight Jasmine...

What is the seventh gym leader in heartgold?

An old guy called Pryce, who specializes in ice pokemon.The seventh gym leader is Pryce in Mahogany town.

Who is the gym leader before Clair?

Pryce of Mahogany City Gym

Where do you find gym leader pryce on Pokemon soul silver?

in his gym

What do you do after you defeat pryce in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to beat the last gym leader

Where is the seventh gym in Pokemon Crystal?

pryce the ice type gym leader

What is the seven gym leader in Pokemon heartgold?

wich one blaine or pryce pryce is in mahogany town blaine is in the seafoam islands

Who is Pryce in Pokemon Gold?

The gym leader of Mahogany Town. He uses Ice-type Pokemon. You face him as the 7th gym leader in the game.

How do you get to Pryce in Soul Silver?

beat the 6th gym leader and then go to mahogany town.

What to do on Pokemon HeartGold after6th gem leader?

Go to mahogany town to beat pryce

How do you get the seventh badge in Pokemon Crystal?

You have to beat the gym leader, Pryce, in Mahogany City.