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The Wide Lens is a held item which multiplies the accuracy of any attack by 1.1 (adds 10% of the move's starting accuracy, or if it has been lowered by a status reducing move, it is 10% of that instead). It can be purchased in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum for 1000 coins at the Veilstone Game Corner, and wild Yanma may carry them as well. In HeartGold and SoulSilver it is available at the Goldenrod Game Corner for the same price.

The Zoom Lens is a similar held item, however, it only works if your Pokemon goes last in the turn, but it adds 20% of the move's accuracy, as opposed to 10%. It can be obtained for the same price in the same two Game Corners as the Wide Lens.

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Q: What hold items raise accuracy in Pokemon platinum and where can you get them?
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