What hm do you get in olivine city?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You get HM Strength from the sailor sitting at the big table in the building to the west (left) of the Pokemon center in Olivine City

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Q: What hm do you get in olivine city?
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What HM can you find in Olivine City?

You get HM Strength from a man in the city's cafe.

What is the hm that you get from the badge in olivine city on heartgold?

You can't get a HM for that.

How do you get the Hm Surf on Pokemon Silver?

You get it at the olivine city pokmon gym

Where is the light house in Pokemon HeartGold?

The Light house is at Olivine city. First use HM Fly and fly to "Olivine City". When you get there walk down to the bottom right corner of Olivine city and there's the light house.

How do you get hm 4 in Pokemon Silver?

It is in the house next to the Pokemon Center in Olivine City.

Where is hm strengh in Pokemon Crystal?

I think it's in Olivine City in the building next to the Pokecenter

Where can you find the HM strength in Pokemon crystal?

In the house beside the Pokemon center in olivine city

Where can you get the hm strength in Pokemon shiny gold?

Talk to the sailor in the cafe in Olivine, he'll give it to you.

What city is the fifth badge in Pokemon sliver?

You will find it in Cianwood City, located south of Olivine City. You'll need the Surf HM to get there.

How do you get hm strength in Pokemon Gold?

You obtain it from a sailor that is located inside the pokemon center in Olivine City.

Were do you get the hm move rock push on Pokemon crystal?

talk to one of the guys in the olivine city cafe. this also works in Pokemon silver and gold. the olivine city cafe is located to the right of the battle tower.

Where is Lugia located in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Lugia is located in the Whirl Islands south of Olivine city.  You will need HM Whirlpool.