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It makes a rainbow

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Q: What happens when you use fire and water pledge together on Pokemon white?
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Which Pokemon can learn water pledge?

The only Pokemon that can learn Water Pledge are the water starters from all region.

Where do you find the person who gives you themove water pledge in Pokemon black?

Go to Driftveil city and in one of the bigger houses there is a boy with odd-colored hair. talk to him and he will teach your pokemon water pledge. please note that he will only teach water pledge if you chose oshawott at the beginning of the game. if you chose snivy, he will teach leaf pledge. if you chose tepig, he will teach fire pledge.

Can Pokemon from HeartGold learn the pledge moves in Pokemon Black?

Yes, Pokémon that have been migrated from HeartGold over to Pokémon Black can be taught the Pledge moves such as Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge and Water Pledge however only the regional Starter Pokémon can be taught them along with their evolutions.

What happens when iodine and water get mix together?

A iodine solution in water.

What happens when water and electricity go together?

short circuit

What happens when you mix oil water and honey together?

they will separate

What happens when you boil water and baking soda together?


What do you do if the unown spelled water on Pokemon HeartGold?

Nothing happens if the unown you catch can be arranged to spell water.

What happens when you freeze oil and water together?

It might not freezes. But when you put the water and oil in the refrigerator too long, it will mix together.

What happens when sugar and glycerin together stirred in water?

it becomes a soap

What do you need to do to get water pledge?

You need to go to a boy's house in Driftveil city and there is a move tutor with blue hair and you can learn grass, fire or water pledge.

Will Pledge remove water rings from wood?

Pledge will remove water stains from wood as well as apply a protective layer to help keep new stains from forming.