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You get no membership and you get stuck with a lousy penguin

when your membership runs out the only thing you can keep is you puffles, your room goes back to the normal boring blue room and all your clothes are shaded, meaning you cant use them untill you renew your membership. so getting a Club Penguin membership is not worth it

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Q: What happens when you lose your membership on club penguin?
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Will you lose your membership if you get banned on club penguin?

no you dont

What happens when you lose your membership on club penguin then get it back?

When you lose your membership on club penguin all of your member items will look faded and you will be unable to use them. All your furniture will be put into storage and you will not be able to use it. You get to keep your members only puffles when you lose your membership. When you renew your membership you will be able to use all your faded items and furniture again.

What happens if you buy membership for club penguin and you dont pay?

You get billed every month, if you choose to stop paying that bill, you will lose your current membership.

On club penguin what happens when your membership ends do you lose anything you bought and then what happens when you become member again?

Nothing. you dont lose anything. you just cant use your stuff again until you are s member again. when you get membership again then you will have everything

Do you keep your house on club penguin after membership runs out?

no. you lose your house and all your clothes

Will you lose your puffles if your membership expires on club penguin?

No. You don't lose them, but you can't wear clothing and can't access furnature

Do you lose the member puffles you bought with your membership when it expires?

Club Penguin is not to programmed to remove that in the 30 day period.

Do you lose your items after purchasing them in club penguin?

No but they will be blocked if you bought something members only can buy and your membership expires

If your penguin got banned will you lose your membership?

No, you will not.

If you say a bad word in Club Penguin then are membership is gone?

no people just get baned for two months you do not lose your member ship

If you're a agent in club penguin and get banned what happens?

u lose ur agent privileges

What happens if you get club penguin membership?

well if your a non member and want to turn into a member and get all the cool stuff, when you turn into a member you lose all the stuff you ever had from when you were a non member. if i were you i wouldn't turn into a member.