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You start all over again on the quests

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Q: What happens when you finish all the quests in miscrits world of adventure?
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How do you get level 3 visa in Sims 3?

you have to finish quests from the adventure board in base camp.

How do you get the book of the lore on adventure quest worlds?

Finish the book stores quest to get the book of lore in newbie

How do you get free gold on adventure quest worlds?

go to crash site then do the first three quests finish it then sell all your rewards then you will get 10,000

What happens when you beat the werewolf quests on adventure quest?

Nothing,absolutely nothing.Just some exp from mission 'course :)!

How can you unlock nulgath's quests?

Finish the lair quests.

How do you finish Mudluk village in AQWorlds?

You finish it's quests?

Can you do quests on webkinz in adventure park?


How do you finish the book of the lore on adventure quest worlds?

The whole book isn't complete yet, but you can do quests until, King Alteon (Or Gravelyn) repeats what he/she says. There are updates occasionally

How do you get adventure coins in adventure quest worlds while being a non member?

on quests

Where can you buy a dress from adventure world quests?


Where is Drakath in adventure quests worlds?

In the house of Beleen

How do you get legion tokens in Adventure Quest Worlds?

These can be obtained by completing Dage the Evil's Champion Quests, the Paragon Pet's Quests or Rogath's Quests.