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Pokemon 386 completeYou get a diploma from a gamefreak guy located in Celadon City.
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Q: What happens when you complete the National dex on Pokemon firered?
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What happens if you complete all unown in Pokemon firered?

they spell the alphabet and maybe you get a rare Pokemon

What happens if you complete your national pokedex and complete all of the boxes in your PC in Pokemon firered?

If you complete the pokedex you can get a diploma from game freak in the celadon mansion in celadon city and you can now say to everyone you did it!

What happens when you see any 200 Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Nothing Happens

What happens next after you complete the national pokedex on Pokemon platnium?

You go outside...

What happens after you get all 30 unknown Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

nothing happens unfortunetly

How do you get dark Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

The only dark type Pokemon you can get in firered is murkrow which happens to be in lost cave on five island.

What happens when you complete the national pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

oak will thank you on the PC that is it what a blow out

In Pokemon leagreen what happens if you complete the pokedex?

im pretty sure u get a national pokedex (national dex)

What happens When you Beat the Champion In Pokemon Black?

Complete the Unova pokedex (after that coplete the national pokedex)

What happens when you complete the national dex on pokemon black or pokemon white?

If you talk to someone in the Game Freak building he will give you a certificate.

When you complete the national dex in Pokemon platinum what happens?

Oak just shows up out of nowhere that's it.

Are there generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Yes... There happens to be a few. I can remember Dunsparce