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He grows huge like always.

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Q: What happens when Mini Mario gets a Mega Mushroom?
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What are the items on Super Mario Bros?

Mushroom, Invincibility (looks like a star), 1up mushroom (gives you an extra life), fire flower (let's you use fireballs), mini mushroom (shrinks mario/luigi), mega mushroom (makes mario/luigi grow to a huge amount), and blue shell.

What is the name of the blue mushroom in Mario?

It's called the Mini Mushroom.

Where do you find mini Mario in Super Mario Brothers ds?

You first get him at 1-3 mini mushroom!?!?

How do you get world 7 on new Super Mario Bros ds?

Beat Petey Pirahna on world 5 with a mini mushroom.

How do you get Mini mushrooms new super Mario bros Nintendo ds?

In world 7-a there is a questions mark after the half-way point that always contains a mini-mushroom. If you get it and turn into min-mario you can easily leave the level as mini-Mario and start out wherever you need to be a mini. Not as good as having a mini in reserve, but a gaureented way to find one. Also, inside the mushroom houses if you already are mini-Mario it increases your odds that the random question mark will give you another mini-Mario...then you will be mini Mario and have one in reserve. If you have already defeated the game and can save...once you are mini-mario, Go to the entrance of whatever level you need to be mini-Mario in, save the game and then if you get killed, you can POWER off the game after you die and then you will start back right at the entrance with all your lives and reserves intact and you will still be mini and won't have to go back through all the hassle of playing level 7-a or finding another mini again. Simpley power off and then back on as much as you need until you have used the mini to retreive whatever prize you are working on.

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