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actuly you dont get all those red rings and play each minygame.

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Q: What happens in sonic colors after you get all the chaos emeralds?
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Why Knuckles Take A Chaos Emeralds In Sonic 3?

Knuckles is the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds. He was mislead by Dr. Robotnik into believing that Sonic had stolen the Chaos Emeralds.

What happens when you get all the chaos emeralds in sonic clors?

after you get all the chaos emeralds go to the main menu and start the game again you get a secret boss!

How do you get the 7 chaos emeralds in Sonic Colors for the Wii?

get all the red rings from each level

Is there a real choas emeralds in where sonic lives?

Chaos Emeralds are not real. Neither is Sonic.

Where are the chaos emeralds on ultimate flash sonic?

You don't get the emeralds.

What are Sol Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog?

The Sol Emeralds are a different version of the Chaos Emeralds. They are basically the Chaos Emeralds from Blaze's world.

What are super chaos emeralds?

Kinda like the bigger and better version of chaos emeralds, if obtained sonic can transform into Hyper Sonic

Does sonic want all the chaos emeralds?

no but when his enemy is too hard with his 7 chaos emeralds then he does

What is more powerful than sonic's super form?

Sonic's hyper form.His super form is activated by using the 7 chaos emeralds,but his hyper form is activated by the super emeralds. (The chaos emeralds were enhanced by the master emerald and became super emeralds.)When in hyper form sonic flashes all the colors of the chaos emeralds.(Also sonic rpg eps 9 A.K.A the final episode in the series is coming out in march.its an online game.LOOK IT UP SOMETIME IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the code for All Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Rush?

AnswerThere is not any code for All Chaos Emeralds. You have to complete all of the special stages like most sonic games to get the Chaos emeralds, NO CHEATING!!! >:[

How do you get Super Sonic in Sonic R?

Get all the Chaos Emeralds.

How do you get super Sonic on Sonic rush?

You have to get ALL of the Chaos Emeralds.