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The space time continuum rips and we all die. Nice job.

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2011-10-20 01:03:58
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Q: What happens if you put an xbox game in your computer?
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What happens when you use your xbox 360 game on another xbox 360?

Nothing happens, its like you barely got the game and put in the xbox 36

What happens if you put a Xbox 360 game in an original Xbox?

it will cause a virus

Can you put an Xbox 360 disc in a computer?

No. A normal computer will not recognize the format of a game disc for the Xbox 360.

Can you put an xbox 360 game in a windows 7 computer?

yes if you modify you xbox

If you have a computer game and your computer doesn't work could you put it in an xbox360?

no because it is a computer game and xbox 360's do not play computer games

What happens if you put an xbox 360 game in a wii?

It won"t work!

Where do you put in cheat codes for portal on xbox 360?

I believe you can only put them in on the computer version of the game.

Can you put a game on your computer with a xbox 360 disc?

You can legally back up your Xbox 360 games, however playing the copied game is illegal because you will need to mod your Xbox 360. You can get a piece of software which will rip games to your computer.

What happens when you put a computer game in a ps2?

It does not play, but will not break PS2

What happens if you put an ps3 game in your computer?

You'll get an unreadable disc message

Can you put Xbox games in a Microsoft computer?

You can by creating a image of the disk on your computer. This isnt illegal as you are backing up your purchased game. However, playing is backed up game is illegal because you will need to mod your Xbox 360.

How do you transfer music from iPod to xbox?

plug in a flashdrive into your computer and put the songs from itunes onto the flashdrive. after your done, put the flashdrive into the xbox and on the menu, you can play it while playing your game

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