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Put the game in.

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Q: How do you get a game to work on a Xbox 360?
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Can an Xbox 360 game work on an original Xbox?

No, an Xbox 360 game will not run on an original Xbox.

Do Xbox Live games work on Xbox 360 pro?

If it is an XBOX 360 game then it will work on any XBOX 360 console.

Will PlayStation 2 games work on the Xbox 360?

The only way that a Ps2 game would work with an Xbox 360 is if you buy an Xbox or Xbox 360 version of that game.

Does halo 3 work on xbox 360 slim?

Yes a regular Xbox game will always work on an Xbox 360 (or 360 slim). Note: An Xbox 360 game CANNOT be played on the original Xbox Console.

Can Xbox 360 game work on the regular Xbox?

No, absolutely not. However, "regular" xbox games do work on the XBox 360.

Does the old game psi-ops work on an Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, it does not work on the xbox 360.

Xbox 360 game work Xbox 360 elite?

if you mean will an xbox 360 game work on a xbox 360 elite? the answer is that it will. a xbox 360 elite is just a normal xbox but black with some extras like it is black and has a 120 gb hard drive

Can a Xbox game work in a Xbox 360?


Does the game Turok Evolution for Xbox work on the Xbox 360?

All regular old XBox games work on the XBox 360

Will Halo Reach work on a xbox 360 arcade?

Yes because its a xbox 360 game so it shall work on all xbox 360

You have bought an xbox 360 game from Canada will it work on your Australian Xbox 360?

Yes it will.

Do games from the original Xbox work on the Xbox 360?

It depends on the game. Not all work. If you want an original Xbox game for the Xbox 360, I would suggest the Simpsons road rage. I would also ask or check if there is an Xbox 360 version of the game.