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either the umd is broken or scratched BAD. or the reader thing inside the umd holder is shot. this sort of thing happened to me my umd thing broke on my old psp i had so i got a new one. buy a new one or go to

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Q: What happens if you insert a game into the PSP and nothing happens?
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Which way do you insert a PSP game into a PSP?

They will only go in and play one way. The game label will be facing out.

What happens if you move the psp while a game is inside?

The psp? Nothing will happen its supposed to be a portable handheld device. In other words you will be moving it a lot.

What happens when you collect all the cliches in the simpsons game psp?

nothing you just get to see them all in your extras option

How To Run Assassins Creed on psp?

Simple buy the game insert the CD PLAY!!

What do you do when a PSP is hooked up to a PC but nothing happens?

You will need to manually put your PSP into USB mode from the 'Settings' option on the PSP's menu.

When you save your game in a psp blank screen will come and it will shut down?

Let it sit for 5 minutes, if nothing happens shut it down manually.

How do you start a game on the psp?

to start a game on umd inssert the umd in your PSP and then 2 umd signs will appear one will be option to update your PSP and the other sign will be to start the game select the umd game sign and your game will be start a game on memory card just insert memory card in PSP and go to games then your games will appear so then you can choose the game

How can one download PSP games?

One can find a tutorial on how to download PSP games on YouTube. First, you must find a download site for PSP games, go to the download site and locate the game you would like and download it. Then you upload the game onto a memory card and insert it into the PSP.

Do you need to install in psp games?

No, it's like any other console game, you just insert and play.

Do you have to buy a psp go game?

I dont understand, But what i do know is that is you buy games from the PSN and you cannot insert games

Where do you insert the action replay disc on a Playstation portable?

The PSP Action replay takes the form of a memory stick, you insert that into the PSP as normal. Any 'disc' provided is for your PC, it's a compilation of game cheats and saves that can be transferred to the memory stick.

How does a PSP get bricked?

I have not yet bricked a psp yet but i heard if you hack it wrong or install a program or game with a virus on it it will shut your psp down so nothing will work....ever.