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play the ps3 games in psp they will converted to psp games

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Q: How do you convert ps3 game to PSP game?
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How do you play a PSP game on the PS3?

no, you cant play PSP games on the ps3

How do you download wwe12 on PSP?

WWE 12 is not a PSP game and is a PS3 game and can not be played by the PSP

Can you use Littlebigplanet on PSP 3000?

yes the PSP game not the PS3 game

When you buy a psp game in the PS3 store will work for PS3?

not if it says for psp only, its designed for you to download it from the ps3 then stick it straight onto the psp

How do you convert PS3 games to play on a PSP?

You can't, PS3 Games are too powerful

If you buy a game off the playstation network can you play it on both a ps3 and psp?

No a game is designed to play on the PS3 or the PSP they are not able to switch just because of where they are downloaded. A game must be designed to play on a system. What you can do is set up your PS3 so you can store the downloaded PSP game in your PS3 and still play it in your PSP

Can you put PS3 game on the psp?

no ps3 games are bigger than psp games. it wont fit

On PS3 if you buy a PSP game on the PlayStation Network can you play it on the PS3?

no you can play it on the PSP like the game you purchased said it would work on.

Does Littlebigplanet work on PSP 2000?

Yes the PSP game works not the PS3 game version

Can you copy a psp game to PS3?


Is Littlebigplanet for PSP good?

its awesome its my fave game on psp its Better on PS3

Can you copy a ps2 game on to a psp disc?

No, it is'nt possible with the ps2. With the ps3 you can connect the ps3 games to the psp and play them.