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If you are a team, and your teammate dies, he would be reverted back home, while you are left behind in the dungeon. However, if you also die, your mission would be ended & you have to start over. :P

You can rely on the great Pokemon master. The friendly, generous Pokemon master, if I might add. ;)

~ILuvPoochyena~ (a.k.a. Poochyena4Ever) (if you have any questions)

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Q: What happens if you die at Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
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In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon what is the password to enter when you die?

there is no password

Can you save your self after you die in mystery dungeon?

yes you can save yourself in Pokemon mystery dungeon only if you have another runoff the game lets say you have Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time if you have explorers of darkness and are able to go to pelipper island you can send yourself a wonder mail.

How do you beat dark crater in pokemon mystery dungeon when im a chimchar an your partners a turtwig?

tere is no way you can just die or be lucky

What happens when you put the time gears back to you really have to die Pokemon mystery dugon?

*SPOILER* no, you don't have to die in battle, and you won't die afterwards.

In the end of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon does your partner die or leave you?

i dont no why you would wanna ask such a question this game is so good you shuld just play to the end but anyways he/she doesnt die or leave you you stay together

How do you get wonder cards if you have the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?


How do you build your team in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

First if you have a certain Pokemon on your mind buy his friend area. If you don't then just keep buying random friend areas. Then after you have a lot of friend areas you have to go into a dungeon and kill Pokemon. After you kill them they will either die or ask to join your team. So basically you have to kill Pokemon to make them join your team. BUT YOU MUST HAVE THEIR FRIEND AREA SO THEY WILL JOIN YOUR TEAM! Hope this helps. :)

What happens when you die in Pokemon?

You can't die, if you mean what happens if all your Pokemon are fainted, you just go back to the last Pokemon center you've visited.

What happens after you beat duskunoir on Pokemon dungeon explorers of sky?

Well..... It all depends on what you're talking about. If it's on Special episode 5 then Dialga kills him. But if it's in the story line, Grovyle goes into the future and you have to beat Primal Dialga. Then the future Pokemon die.

What happens if you die without a fairy in a bottle in zelada link to the past?

You die. Game Over. Die on the overworld, start from select checkpoints; Die in a dungeon, start at its entrance.

How do you defeat Gordon on mystery dungeon explorers of time with no Items?

its impossible because ull die right away but if you a high lv with good moves youll make it

Can you use a cheat Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time or darkenes to work with battle revolution for wii?

NO YOU CANNOT! Cheats can only be used to improve your game, not help it interact with others. You can hack it somehow to change it to be like any game but you CANNOT do anything but that. Hope i helped! NOW DIE! Sorry, spazed out for a second.