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After u complete the pokemon leauge..u can go to the Battle tower,by ship .

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Q: What happens after defeating he Pokemon league in sapphire?
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Rayquaza Pokemon Sapphire?

i am rakshan . after defeating the league, you will be in your house. dad will give you the s.s ticket. then go to slateport/liltcove and talk to the girl. she will take you to sky pillar.go to the top,then you will get rayquaza in pokemon sapphire

What to do after getting the seven badge in Pokemon sapphire?

find the hm (water fall)and search pokemon league and after defeating pokmon league master become pokemon collector and collect every pokemon and then professer will send you to moon by rocket to capture zirchi(pokemon)

What happens when you have defeated the Pokemon league 100 times on Pokemon sapphire?

You have a strong team. There isn't anything else that happens if you do that besides massive amounts of training for your team

Where is Steve in Pokemon sapphire?

he lives in mossdeep in Pokemon Sapphire and he is the Pokemon league champion he is a steel type trainer.

Do you have to beat the pokemon league to get rayquza on pokemon sapphire?


What happens when you finish all the game of Pokemon sapphire?

once you finsh the sappfire game you can go lab and get the johto Pokemon to start the johto league now and train them to beat the johto league

How do you wim the Pokemon league in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can defeat the Pokemon League by defeating the Elite Four and the Champion in Pokemon Soul Silver.

Where is silver cave on Pokemon Silver?

After defeating the Pokemon league,Fly to the bottom of the Pokemon league and enter then walk to the left.

Where is the Pokemon league in Pokemon sapphire version?

the Pokemon league is is in ever grande city after you get through victory road

Do you have to have beaten the Pokemon league to get the three rigi's on Pokemon sapphire?


What has to happen on Pokemon sapphire in order to trade to Pokemon fire red?

Simply become Pokemon champion by defeating the current champion steven at the Pokemon league. Also on firered make sure you have given the ruby and sapphire item to celio at one island and you also need the national dex which is given to you after you become Pokemon champion and as long as you have recorded 60 different Pokemon in your pokedex.

How do you get to the skypiller in Pokemon sapphire?

in Pokemon ruby, sapphire you can go to sky pillarafter the Pokemon league, before the Pokemon league its just an area of water and land. this info may not be accurate but i hope it help