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they moved to Oklahoma to be the thunder

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Q: What happened to the Seattle Sonics?
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What Basketball team plays Seattle?

The Seattle Sonics

Why are the seattle sonics called the sonics?

Beacuse ppeople want them to be differnt.

Where are the seatle sonics in nba?

The Seattle Sonics are nowhere near the NBA in Seattle, the team is hoping for a return in the next three years

Do the seattle sonics still exsisted?

No. the sonics are now the Oklahoma city 2007 they moved

Did Jackie Lewis ever play for the Seattle Sonics?

Jackie Lewis is a vice principal at my highschool in seattle and he said that he played exibition games with the Seattle Sonics but never officially made the team.

What state is home to the Seattle Mariners Seattles supersonic and the Seattle Seahawks?

Washington, but the Sonics were bought out of Seattle.

When were the Sonics last located in Seattle?

The Seattle SuperSonics (also know as the Sonics) were a basketball team. They were located in Seattle until 2008. They have now moved to Oklahoma and have a new team name of Oklahoma City Thunder.

Which white guy played for the Seattle Sonics?

Detlef Schrempf

When did Howard Schultz buy the Seattle Super Sonics?


Why are the sonics moving?

The Sonics were sold to Oklahoma businessman Clay Bennett, who, it has been revealed, never intended to keep the Sonics in Seattle despite claiming to make an honest effort to work with Seattle. His goal has always been to bring an NBA team to Oklahoma City.

Who replaced the team Seattle Sonics in NBA?

Oklahoma City thunder

What are the names of the professional sport franchises in Washington state?

Seattle Mariners ( MLB ) Seattle Seahawks ( NFL ) Seattle Sonics ( NBA ) Seattle Storm ( WNBA )