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The new Black Ops Zombies App had an update which was suppose to fix some bugs, but it didn't so when playing a game it will suddenly crash.

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Q: What happened to call of duty zombies app?
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What happened to call of duty zombies app for iphone?

Both are still in the app store and Installous (for jailbroken iphones).

Did Call of Duty Zombies app actually removed?

No, it just is a exlusive app on the treyarch series of call of duty. Right now zombies is on call of duty:World at war, Black Ops.

How much is the call of duty world at war zombies app?

it is 6.99

How do you get the world at war zombies app on a Kindle Fire?

Go to the store and hit find then type in call of duty zombies

When was the call of duty world at war zombies app released?

This app came out on 30th September 2010. I'm hoping treyarch and activision make a new app for Black Ops Zombies. That would be fun :)

Is black ops 2 Zombies is going to be in the appld app store?

No, but Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is in the app store. I believe its $5.00 - $9.00 dollars, i can't remember.

Is there CoD Nazi Zombies on the iPad?

Yes, it's called "Call of Duty: Zombies HD". I inserted a link to it on the App Store, see it below.

How long does the app call of duty zombies take to wait on ipod?

Not very long; probably under a minute.

Can you get cod on iPod Touch?

yes you can. the app is called "Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies" for $9.99 but its worth it

Can you play your own music while playing call if duty zombies app?

You can't because you have to have the sound of the the important output

How can you turn off swearing in the app call of duty world at war zombies?

The best way would be just by muting the volume there is no other way ^-^ :(

How do you put Call of Duty Black Ops In iPod touch?

well, if you want to put black ops zombies in your ipod touch you go to itunes and type in zombies black ops and download the app.