What happened in sonic x episode 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sonic x episode 2 "Sonic To The Rescue": Sonic, having been saved from drowning by Chris, stays at his house in order to figure out his situation. After being introduced to Chris's grandfather, Chuck Thorndyke, they learn that Cream and Cheese have been captured by the government and taken to a military base called Area 99 for experimentation. The two help Sonic infiltrate the base, and he is able to rescue Cream and Cheese after the electricity goes out. The laser cameras attack Sonic, Cream and Cheese, but they successfully escape. Afterwards, Tails, who had shut down the electricity earlier, rescues them with his biplane, the Tornado. They travel back to Chris' home, and realize that more of them must have been transported, including Dr. Eggman, who has decided that the new planet will be the start of his new empire.

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Q: What happened in sonic x episode 2?
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What episode did sonic and tails meet?

in sonic x you can find it write sonic x episode 18.

Does sonic ever get tickled?

In Sonic x episode 2, Chuck (thinking Sonic was a robot) tickled him.

What episode does Sonic cry?

Sonic cries in Sonic X episode 52.

What episode on sonic X is castle?

If you are talking about the episode of Sonic X where they are filming at a castle, the Episode is "Season 1, Episode 19: Sonic's Scream Test"

In what episode of Sonic X did Sonic turn into dark Sonic?

Episode 67 Of Sonic X (It's Called Teasing Time.)

In what episode does Sonic return to his planet in Sonic X?

i know its sometime in season 3 i think its in episode 2 of season 3

How many episodes does Sonic X have?

Sonic X episodes 35-38 are really good in Japanese as it follows Sonic Adventure 2 storyline.

What episode of Sonic x does Sonic turn dark?

Episode 67

What episode does cream's mom appear in sonic x?

She Appears in episode 39 of sonic x near the end of the episode.

What Sonic X episode does Sonic turn into Super Sonic?

It was the episode named Countdown to chaos

What happened to Chris in sonic x episode 78?

Chris assumingly went back to his home planet.

What episode is sonic mostly practical in?

satam:doomsday aka last episode sonic x :second episode aosth:psuedo sonic