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You go to Prof. Rowan's lab in Sandgem town and talk to him. Their should be a cut scene where Prof. Oak comes and you should get the national pokedex.

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Q: What happends if you catch all the Pokemon on the Sinnoh pokedex?
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How do you get the Pokemon on the national pokedex?

Find all 210 regional Pokemon to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. Then, talk to Professor Rowan in his laboratory.

What happens if you catch all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon diamond?


How can you get arron on Pokemon platinum without using cheats?

You can catch them on Iron Island once you have the National Pokedex. You get this by seeing all the Pokemon on the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Do you need to catch every Pokemon to get to the survival area?

No, just get the national pokedex by seeing all sinnoh pokemon

Do you need a national pokedex to catch Gible on Pokemon Diamond?

No because it is a sinnoh Pokemon not a kanto, johto, or hoenn

How do you catch kangashan in Pokemon pearl?

You can find it in the Great Marsh. I'm not sure if you have to complete your Sinnoh pokedex or not.

How do you catch a castform Pokemon platinum?

You have to get the National Pokedex by catching all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Then you go to the Pokemon Mansion and talk to the guy who owns the building.

Pokemon pearl what is number114 and how do you see it Sinnoh pokedex?

114 is unown you can catch it in a cave near the town daycare center is in.

How do you get a national pokedex on Pokemond diamond?

You must see/catch all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex and then talk to Professor Rowan.

Where can you find number 33 in the Sinnoh pokedex?

You can not catch the Pokemon golem have to trade graveler and then trade him/her back then it will evolve in to golem.

How do you get caterpie in Pokemon Platinum?

You can trade, use the action replay for Pokemon Platinum, or actually catch it without the action replay. If you have completed the Sinnoh Pokedex, go and see Professor Rowan, and he will give you the National Pokedex, then you catch all the Pokemon throughout the land of Sinnoh from all the other regions due to an "outbreak". But, where to catch caterpie specifically, you need to go to Eterna Forest, west of Eterna City.

How do you get past those guys in the fight area that leads to the survival area?

Well, you have to finish the Sinnoh dex to go through there. But luckily you do not have to catch every Pokemon you just have to see every Pokemon. Good luck on finishing the sinnoh dex!(After you get the national dex and you probly have to catch every Pokemon.)