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there are lots ! there is bulbsaur weepingbell and lots the most rarest is poison type

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Q: What grass types are there in Pokemon platinum?
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What kind of Pokemon should be used to beat the pastoria gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

grass types

In Pokemon platinum what Pokemon can beaat the gymleader in pastoria city?

Any Pokemon strong to water: Electric types and grass types work the best.

Why does gardenia come into your villa in Pokemon platinum?

She comes because you have got a grass related item and she likes grass types she wants to come and see it.

What Pokemon evolves with a leaf stone in Pokemon platinum?

a grass Pokemon

Is there a place in Pokemon platinum with only one Pokemon in the grass?


How to get past the 5th gym leader in Pokemon plantiun?

To get by the fifth Gym Leader in Pokemon Platinum, you would have to have Pokemon that are Grass types because Grass types are effective against both Water and Ground. Well Gyarados is the only threat there so id recommend a grass or electric provably (don't care) grass because of Quaqsire

How do you find Pokemon that uses bite in Pokemon platinum?

look in the grass

How do you catch mespirit Pokemon platinum?

by searching in the grass

Pokemon Platinum where is a grass stone?

in eterna forest

In Pokemon Platinum where are all the Pokemon?

In The tall grass in the sea in caves...Everywhere!

How do you get Pokemon number 66 in Pokemon Platinum?

In the grass north of Oreburgh town.

What is the most ideal Pokemon types to have on your team in Platinum?

Some good types are fire, water, and grass, also a flying type, electric type, and maybe a legendary too.