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in eterna forest

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Q: Pokemon Platinum where is a grass stone?
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What Pokemon evolves with a leaf stone in Pokemon platinum?

a grass Pokemon

How do you get an ice stone in Pokemon platinum?

there is an ice stone on route 217 near the top by a patch of grass

How do you get a grass stone in Pokemon platinum?

you have to either go underground and search or there an invisible item in eaterna forest

How do you get the magna stone from buck in Pokemon Platinum?

You don't get the magna stone from buck in Pokemon platinum.

What does eevee turn into if you give it a dusk stone in Pokemon Platinum?

It does not evolve with a dusk stone in Pokemon Platinum

How do you get a bronze stone on Pokemon platinum?

there is no bronze stone

Is there a place in Pokemon platinum with only one Pokemon in the grass?


What can use a oval stone for on Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon that can use oval stone in Pokemon platinum is Happiny. It is the pre evolve form of chansey. Mostly every chansy you catch have a oval stone.

How do you find Pokemon that uses bite in Pokemon platinum?

look in the grass

What Pokemon needs a stone to evolve on Pokemon platinum?


How do you catch mespirit Pokemon platinum?

by searching in the grass

In Pokemon platinum where do you get the dawn stone?