What games need nunchucks on the Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Most games but not all for example wii play.

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Q: What games need nunchucks on the Wii?
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Do Wii nunchucks use batteries?

No, the Wii Nunchuk doesn't require batteries. It is wired and is connected to the Wiimote. However you do need batteries for the Wiimote itself to work. There are some wireless nunchuks from third party companies that require batteries though.

Where can you purchase used Wii Nunchucks?

Nunchucks for the Wii can be purchased from stores such as Walmart, Game or HMV. Alternatively they can be ordered online from sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Do you need a Wii nunchuk controller for Skyward Sword?

You need a nunchuk for certain Wii games, like Wii Sports boxing for example.

How much could I get for a Used Wii with 4 Wii Remotes And 4 Nunchucks plus a few Games like Lego Star Wars?

probably around 350-400 pounds

What do you need to buy with your Wii?

The system comes with everything you need: -Console -1 wii-mote and nunchuck -power and audio visual cables + wii-mote sensor strip -wii sports game A few optional items: -SD card for extra memory and for uploading pics -High Definition audio-visual cable -additional games/wii-motes and nunchucks -wii-mote charging station and rechargable battery packs

Can you play Mario Kart for Wii without the Wii wheel?

Yes. You can play with the wheel, or with just the regualr wii remote, the nunchucks, or a gamecube controller.

Can the Nintendo Wii sensor and remote be used on the Nintendo Wii U?

Yes, the sensor bar for the Nintendo Wii U is exactly the same as the original Nintendo Wii. Also, Wii remotes, classic controllers and nunchucks work for the Nintendo Wii U. But keep in mind that not all games are compatible with classic controllers

How much would you get for a wii with 4 games and 2 controllers with 2 nunchuks The games are Super Smash Bros. Brawl and wii sports and Wii play and Hot wheels I am thinking 300 Is this too much?

you bet it is. 100 for the wii. 20$ per game, and 5$ for each pair of controllers and nunchucks. so the total should be roughly 200$

How do you play versus on Mortal Kombat wii?

You turn both wii remotes onand connect the nunchucks to themthe versus should be unlocked

Which UK Wii games are compatible with US Wii console?

Wii games are region locked, you need US games for a US Wii.

What accsesories do you need for the Wii?

I believe the Wii comes with everthing you need to use it, but depending on the situation or if you want extra stuff, there are some accessories that may be a must. Of course you will need games, and if you like multiplayer games, you could get extra WiiMotes and Nunchucks. If you want to connect to the internet, you either need a wireless modem, a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector, or a Wii LAN adapter. If your Wii is in a distant location from your TV, they sell extra long cords and wireless sensor bars. I'm sure you have seen things such as the Wii Zapper, which is simply a gun-shaped holder for a WiiMote and Nunchuck, or a Wii stand, or even a Wii carring bag. These things struck me as uneeded, and I believe they are just a waste of money.

What stuff do you need to play gamecube games on wii?

You need a Wii, Gamecube games and Gamecube controllers. That's all you need.