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No. You need to get Australian games. yes u can

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Q: Can you play American games on your Australian wii?
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Will American Wii games play on an Australian Wii?

No, not without hacking it.

Can you play a US Wii game on your Australian Wii console?

No, the Nintendo Wii is region locked so North American games will not work on an Australian console

Are Australian Wii games compatible with American Wii consoles?

nah soz. the wii region locked so you cant play games from different countries

Will American Wii games work on an Australian Wii console?

SORRY! Only American wii games work with American wiis. Unless hacking or modding works!

Can you play wii American games on a british PS3?

No, you can't even get a American ps3 to play American wii games

Are US format Wii games compatible with Australian consoles?

No. US games are NTSC while Australian consoles only play PAL games. I think that Australian consoles should work with European, Indian, Chinese and Brazilian games but not American, Canadian or Japanese.

Will Australian Nintendo Wii games work on a Irish Nintendo Wii?

Yes. Games from these countries are from the PAL region and should work perfectly on either system.

How can you play a French Wii Game on An American Wii?

You can't legally. Wii's are region locked, which means you can only play North American versions of games on an American Wii.

Can you play an American Wii game on a British Wii?

No, Wii games are region locked.

Do European games work on the American Wii?

No. The Wii is region locked so it will not play European games.

Can you play US Wii games on a V4.2 European Wii?

No because the wii is region locked. the US wii is NTSC while the EU wii is PAL. so it will not work, but Australian wii games work on the EU wii as they are both PAL.

Can European Wii games play on an American Wii?

Wii has got Multi region and PAL and NTSC If your wii is multi it will open any kind of games PAL-European somehow won't be able to play NTSC-American And the opposite applies