What games are for the xbox 360 AND ps3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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* killzone 2 * fallout 3 * grandtheft auto 4 * infamous * COD series * socom series * MGS series * little big planet * flower * RE 5 * resistance 1-2 * F.E.A.R

* condemned * God of War

there will be many more exclusive titles for the ps3

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Q: What games are for the xbox 360 AND ps3?
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Do ps3 games work on xbox 360?

No, only Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360.

Which has more games ps3 on xbox 360?

I think that is the Xbox 360 has more games.

What is the differences between a xbox 360 and a ps3?

ps3 has free internet xbox has better games

Does ray ray have an Xbox 360 or a PS3 game concol?

yes he does have a PS3 and a Xbox 360 games concol

Does PS3 have better games?

They (Xbox 360 & PS3) are equal.

Can a xbox 360 do something a PS3 cannot?

xbox has more games than ps3

Is a xbox 360 games better then ps3 games?

some xbox 360 games are better than ps3 games and all games are not for both consoles Hope i helped

Can the xbox 360 play ps3 games?


Can you play PS3 games for Xbox 360?


What has better gun games xbox 360 or ps3?

its obviosly ps3

Does the Xbox 360 have more games than the PS3?

Originally, the Xbox 360 launched with 14 games. By 2009, there were about 600 games for the Xbox 360, far fewer than Microsoft's projected 1000 games, but more than PS3 at the time.

What has a higher graphics card ps3 or xbox 360?

Xbox360>PS3 for all the games featured in this comparision, most games for PS3 is dark. games are best on Xbox 360 because you need at least 1080p graphics for Ps3 to make it look the same as xbox 360 720p.(Lighting) I have both!