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Wii Speak is compatible with:

Animal Crossing: City Folk

The Conduit

The Grinder

NHL 2K10

Endless Ocean 2

it is also compatible with Call of Duty modern warfare reflex for wii!!!!!

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12y ago
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right now as i speak i think only animal crossing city folk

plz tell me is cod 5 compatible with wii speak

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Q: What games are Wii Speak compatible with?
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Is there any first person shooter games coming out compatible with Wii speak?

if call of duty used the wii speak it would be awesome. anyways i don't know about any games they they do use it.

Are Wii U games compatible with the Wii?

The Wii U is a different console to the Wii. The Wii U however is compatible with Wii games and accessories.

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Are you talking about the wii speak or the guitar hero mic?

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Wii games are region locked, you need US games for a US Wii.

Are NTSC U C games for the Nintendo Wii compatible with NTSC J games for the Nintendo Wii?

As long as the game is from the same region as the Wii system, it will be compatible.

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The Wii U can play all Wii games since it is backwards compatible.

Can Wii games be used in Wii U?

No, the Nintendo Wii cannot play Wii U games

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No, the Wii cannot play Wii U games. It's actually the opposite - the Wii U can play Wii games.

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