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Yes after configuring your internet settings into the wii you can play online on games that say WIFI connection compatible.

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Q: Can you play online with wii with other people?
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Can you play with 3 people on a single wii online and go against other people?

If you're talking about Mario Kart Wii, then NO

Wii adapter or Wii WiFi lets you play Wii game online with other players?

Wii Wifi lets you play online against other players. I don't know what you mean by Wii adaptor.

Can you play vs other people in the game call of duty black ops for wii?

Yes if you have Internet connection, you can play people online

How do you get online play for wii?

does it cost to play online on wii

Does cod black ops have two player zombies for the wii?

No there isn't! But you can play with other people online

How can two people play black ops with different wii consoles?

with online play

Can you play Wii games online?

Yes, you can play nintendo wii games online.

Can 2 people play Wii modern warfare?

No. Wii has not got Split Screen mode for matches like Team Death match or Free-for-All or any other online game mode. But, two people CAN play the single player with each other

Does it cost to play online on wii?

No, there is no additional cost to use online play for the Wii. However, internet online play services for the Wii have been terminated

Can you play with two people online in black ops wii?

Not with one system.

In Super Smash Brothers Brawl how do you play with multiple people on one wii console online?

When your online you can play with multiple only in with a friend mode however you need a friend with a different wii to give you there friend code then grab 2 friends and yourself play your wii and get your friend with the different wii to play with you and your now playing.

Can you play agains people if they have an xbox and you have a Nintendo Wii online on call of duty 5?