How many people can play the Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Four people can play the wii at the same time.

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Q: How many people can play the Wii?
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How many people can play WII bowling at the same time?

depends on how many remates there are but if youve got all 4 4 can play

Can you play infected on mw3 Wii and how?

You cannot play infection on mw3 wii version. But people found it by hacking.

How many player are able to play on Mario kart wii?

You can play with four people at the most in split screen multiplayer and you can play with up to 12 people in WFC multiplayer races

How many people need to play Wii sports resort?

Just 1 through 4 players can.

How much does the Wii Play cost to purchase?

Wii Play was released in 2006 and includes nine games that are made for two people. It was released at $49.99 but can now be purchased at under $10 at many places.

When you play Call of Duty on Nintendo Wi- Fi do you play with anyone who owns Call of Duty or just people with the game for the Wii system?

You can only play with people who own a WII console

How do you play multiplayer in wii deca sports?

get three people to play the game

How many people can you play with on the same wii in super smash brothers brawl?

4, as all the super smashes are.

How many people can play on a Wii U console at any given time?

1 to 5, depending on the game.

How can you play singles tennis on Wii?

You may want to re-word your question by addressing the game that you are talking about in your question. The Wii is a console, not a game, and it doesn't have Tennis, but there are many games for the Wii that have Tennis, but, for example, you can't play tennis with just two people on Wii Sports. So distinguish what game you are talking about.

Can you play with 3 people on a single wii online and go against other people?

If you're talking about Mario Kart Wii, then NO

Can you play wii you game on wii?

Of course. You can play wii games & gamecube on wii