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*Four consoles are compatible with these games and they are: Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube, and DS. With the Gamecube's Gameboy Player accessory (sold seperately) you can play your Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games using your Gamecube.

The Gameboy Advance (Gameboy Advance SP also works) is compatible with all Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games.

The older models of the Nintendo DS have a GBA (stands for Gameboy Advance) slot built in on the bottom of the console. Only Gameboy Advance games are compatible with the DS.

Newer models of the DS such as the 3DS no longer have this slot built in.

*Using the N64 Transfer Pak accessory (sold seperately) you can play Red, Blue, and Yellow on Pokemon Stadium. You can also play these games plus Gold, Silver, and Crystal on Pokemon Stadium 2. In both games to play your pokemon games you must select the GB Tower and then load the cartridge and the game will load up. Make sure on the main menu's of each game show that your cartridge has been inserted properly (you will know if the game cartridge is shown along with your trainer ID). It is not possible to play Leafgreen, Firered, Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald using this method.

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Q: What game system console can you play Pokemon Blue Red Leaf Green and Fire Red on?
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What Pokemon games were released on the Virtual Console?

pokemon red and blue

What is the first Pokemon game ever?

Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red and Pokémon Green

What were the first Pokemon video games?

Pokemon yellow,blue,red,and green

What are the rare nonlegendary Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

The rare, non-legendary Pokemon in Generation I (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) are:PikachuRaichuClefairyClefableVulpixNinetalesMeowthPersianFarfetch'dExeggcuteHitmonleeHitmonchanLickitungRhyhornRhydonChanseyTangelaKangaskhanStaryuMr. MimeScytherJynxElectabuzzMagmarPinsirTaurosLaprasDittoEeveeVaporeonJolteonFlareonPorygonOmanyteOmastarKabutoKabutopsAerodactylSnorlaxDratiniDragonairDragonite

Is there any new Pokemon games?

Pokemon gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum Heart Gold Soul Silver. Black white and coming soon ANOTHER REMAKE of red blue and green called: blazing red Ocean blue and forest green

Can you get missingno in Pokemon HeartGold?

No. Missingno is a glitch pokemon found in pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

When Pokemon started?

Pokemon started in about 1995 with the first games in japan Pokemon red, blue, and green.

What is the girl's name in Pokemon?

Pokemon Rivals ( In Game): When you choose the male Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow: Originally supposed to be Green or Blue ( Blue in Japanese and Green in English) Pokemon Silver/Gold: Crystal Pokemon FireRed/Leafgreen: Leaf ( In the manga, it is still Green) Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: May Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Dawn Pokemon Black/White: Hilda, one of two rivals is Bianca/Bel Pokemon Black 2/ White 2: Rosa/Mei

What plant is green and blue in the solar system and how to draw it?

Earth is the only green and blue planet in the solar system. To draw it, look at a globe.

What is the starter Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

The starter Pokemon for (Red, Blue, Green, Fire Red, & Leaf Green) are: Bulbasaur lvl 5, Charmander lvl 5, and Squirtle lvl 5. The starter Pokemon for the other Generation I game, Yellow, is Pikachu.

When was the game Pokemon Red Blue and Green made?

Blue and Red were made in 1996. Green was made in 2004. Red was remade in 2004.

Color-coded passkey for Pokemon

Blue Red Green