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ermmt theres dieing, ermm

starvation which gets you to the first game

and if you get the level up you get to drink water whoop!

=/ Africans dont have time for games


1st its spelt dying

2nd - Have you ever been to Africa?

I think the fact that the FIFA World Cup is to be held there proves that they play football at least.

Also South Africa has one of the worlds best Cricket teams, and Rugby teams.

As to the original question. It's hard to answer exactly, and there needs to be more information.

What sort of game are you referring to? Is it a board game? Can it be played indoors or outdoors?

How many of people play?

Which part of Africa are you referring to? As each country may well play a similar game, but call it something different.

1 example of this is the East African game of Bao.

This is played much across sub-saharan Africa, and is called different things with slightly different rules in each region and country.

Bao is similar to the game of Bantumi that used to come built into to the early Nokia cell phones.

It is played on a board similar to backgammon, by 2 players indoors. But could equally be played on a beach by cupping small holes in the sand and using shells

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Q: What game do the African people play?
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