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.nds and you can download roms in that format.....

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Q: What format do acekard games have to be in?
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How do you play gba games on acekard?

You cannot play GBA games on the AceKard without the help of a Slot-2 device. Such as the Ez-Flash 3-in-1.

How do you get things on your dsi?

for games you can buy them, download dsi ware, buy acekard 2i or R4i card online (acekard 2i preffered) and download games onto it from (onsite, click ds, then ROM list). for music, download in any format and convert to AAC using itunes or tunebite (itunes is easier) then download to SD card.

Should you get an Acekard RPG or an Acekard 2?

Neither, Go with an Acekard 2i. The Acekard 2i is the Acekard team's current top of the line card, that will work on the DSi and 3DS consoles as well (the Acekard RPG / Acekard 2's can't do this).

Do you have to use a windows computer to download games for the acekard 2?

Not at all, but it is probably easier to format your microSD card using windows, and there aren't as many programs such as ROM trimmers and DLDI patchers that work on other platforms.

How do you play movies on acekard 2i?

There are a few tools you need. Moonshell Homebrew app to play the video from your Acekard, it will be in .nds format, might have to unzip or unrar it first. A video conversion app like BatchDPG to convert just about any video to .dpg format. I think you can take care of getting videos to convert on your own :)

Where can you get acekard firmware?

Go to the Acekard website then click on 'Download', and you have the option of either the Official Acekard firmware, or the unofficial Acekard All-In-One firmware. (AKAIO)

Where can you buy the Acekard RPG?

The Acekard RPG is not manifactured anymore. The official Acekard Team also dropped their support for this card. You should definitly buy an Acekard 2i instead. You can buy them at any official Acekard distributor such as

How do you get the operating system for acekard 2?

Check the Acekard website.

What type of software to install acekard 2?

You can use the official AceKard firmware, but for more support use AKAIO (Acekard all in one)

Where can buy acekard 2i for your Nintendo DSi at best price?

Now, fake acekard 2i come out, please don't choose a cheapest store to buy. You'd better buy the acekard 2i from a professional acekard 2i reseller. You can try at, they are the Acekard Reseller for years.

Where can you download Sim games on an Acekard?

you cant play Sims on the web. You can only play it if you a console and the game.

What is the difference between an R4i card and an acekard 2i?

Acekard 2i is better