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You can use the official AceKard firmware, but for more support use AKAIO (Acekard all in one)

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Q: What type of software to install acekard 2?
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Should you get an Acekard RPG or an Acekard 2?

Neither, Go with an Acekard 2i. The Acekard 2i is the Acekard team's current top of the line card, that will work on the DSi and 3DS consoles as well (the Acekard RPG / Acekard 2's can't do this).

How do you get the operating system for acekard 2?

Check the Acekard website.

How much does a acekard 2 cost?

40 bucks i think

How do you play gba games on acekard?

You cannot play GBA games on the AceKard without the help of a Slot-2 device. Such as the Ez-Flash 3-in-1.

How do you download a theme from acekard 2 onto a edge card?

You can't

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Why does the acekard 2 freezes when it is loading?

the reason it does this is because the acekard 2 and acekard 2i are not real they just scam your money if u need somthing good get a xraid card at it lets u download all different games cheats and movies for your ds dsi or ds lite and dsi XL what rocks is that 1 card works for all systems your pal Zack

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Where can you get an acekard 2?

Your can buy the acekard 2i in some online shops. They used to be sold on sites like Amazon but not anymore. If you're in the US do a Google search for dscardworld or if you're in Europe you can search for nds-gear, you should find what you need. The Acekard 2i cards can support Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DS console.

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