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They've made their own fonts.

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Q: What fonts are used in club penguin?
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What are all of the fonts used on club penguin?

Well when I researched it I realized that the name that says "CLUBPENGUIN" is called ACME explosive font. That's all I know sorry! --------------- If you want the actual font that the Club Penguin Logo is written in you want to search for Bumbastika. Other fonts on CP include A.C.M.E. Explosive, Bonk Fatty, and a few others. Search for 'Club Penguin chat bubble font' for example to find the font in speech bubbles. Hope this helped.

Who is penguin band in Club Penguin?

he was a super member, who was such a legend that club penguin used his name!

Who used to be the owner of Club Penguin?

club penguin used to be owned by miniclip but now Disney bought club penguin.Many people say old club penguin was better but i think that new club penguin is.Although i do miss a couple of parties.

Is there a Club Penguin card in Indonesia?

there is not a club penguin card in Indonesia any more. but there used to be!!

Where is the purple diamond on Club Penguin?

the purple diamond used to be on club penguin but it has had to be removed because of difficulties. sorry about that club penguin owners and you shouldn't be cheeting.

Where can you download penguin lightning for Club Penguin?

is called penguin storm not penguin lightning and you can no longer download it due to a club penguin update that blocked this software from being used

Where is the activation link to activate a penguin for club penguin?

In the emal you used

Why is clubpenguin called clubpenguin and not club something else?

If you turn into a penguin and do everything as one, it'll naturally be called club penguin. Actually there's a whole story behind naming club penguin. It used to be penguin chat, penguin world, penguin land, world of penguins, and then finally club penguin.

Are there cheats in Club Penguin?

there used to be, club penguin has fixed some problems and i guess there arent any more...

I saw a penguin with a gun on YouTube on club penguin so how cant you get a gun on Club Penguin?

Club Penguin has never and will never sell guns. The person that made the video probably used photo shop.

What is a seashell pin used for in club penguin?

Every single pin on club penguin is used for putting on the player card at the top left corner.

Is there a Club Penguin heaven on Club Penguin?

NoNo, there isn't a Club Penguin Heaven.You can't die on Club Penguin.