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3 x any dragon fruit = chop chop the monkey. Plant the seeds and make sure they're not rox flowers and come back after about 6 hours and you'll have chop chop.

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Q: What flowers to get the monkey on moshi monsters?
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What will two Rox flowers and one Love Berries attract on Moshi Monsters?

Rox flowers are no longer available on Moshi Monsters.

What can you get with a green snap apple on Moshi Monsters?

The color green is not used for flowers on Moshi Monsters.

How do you check the color of your seeds on moshi monsters?

The only way to know the the color of the flowers on Moshi Monsters is to wait for the seeds to grow into flowers.

What combination of flowers do you need to get Blurb on moshi monsters?

There is no moshling named Blurb on Moshi Monsters as of May 2013.

What is the monkey moshling called on Moshi Monsters?

chop chop

Is it the soil that the makes the plants change color on moshi monsters?

The color of the flowers on Moshi Monsters is random. That is the way the game was designed. The soil has nothing to do with the color of the flowers.

What are the 2 other flowers for nipper on moshi monsters?

It can be any 2 flowers!

How do you get fun flowers and squishie stool on moshi monsters?

You get fun flowers by a code.

What colors can the plants be on Moshi Monsters?

The colors the flowers on Moshi Monsters can be are: Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

What three flowers make dustbin beaver on moshi monsters?

he is on moshi mission 5

Why do you get a Rox Flower on Moshi Monsters?

You get Rox Flowers so that you can dig them up and get Rox to use to buy things on Moshi Monsters.

Do you wait to get a moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Well, you do wait for your flowers to grow to get moshlings on Moshi Monsters. Although, some combinations do not get you moshlings.