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To get chomp chomp (monkey) you plant any 3 dragon blossoms. add me im trixie2408

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Q: On moshi monsters what plant do you grow to get the monkey?
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Can you plant moshlings in plants on moshi monsters?

No, you can not plant Moshlings in plants on Moshi Monsters. You plant seeds and, if you have the correct seed combination, the plants that grow will attract a Moshling.

How do you figure out which color plant you without letting it grow on moshi monsters?

You can not :(

How do you get a pet in Moshi Monsters?

well you have to plant a flower then get to be a happy monster to make your plant grow quicker when it grows all the way then you get pet on moshi monsters add me dylanka

What are peppers on moshi monsters?

They are seeds, if you plant them they (with other seeds) grow into moshlings.

How do you know what culer a plant is on moshi monsters?

You will not know what colour a plant is in your garden until it has started to grow.

Change colour of moon plant on moshi monsters?

You can't change the colour of any plant you plant on moshi monsters, you have to wait for them to grow to see what color they are. There is no way what so ever to change the color :( wish there was!

How does planting Magic Beans get you Rox on Moshi Monsters?

Getting Rox plants on Moshi Monsters is random. It does not matter what seeds you plant. Any time you plant even one seed, there is a chance that it will grow into a Rox plant.

How do you grow Rox flowers on moshi monsters?

Rox flowers can grow at random from any of the seeds you plant in your garden.

How do you grow flowers in moshi monsters?

You buy seeds and plant them in your garden, then wait several hours.

How do you get a Rox Flower on Moshi Monsters?

Plant any seeds and wait for them to grow. Seeds will randomly grow into Rox Flowers.

Is it possible to be a moshling on Moshi Monsters?

No. Each user adopts a Moshi Monster. Then they plant seeds which grow into flowers. If they plant the correct combination of seeds, they can attract a Moshling to be their Moshi Monster's pet.

What happens if you go after you plant the seed for Roxy on Moshi Monsters?

If you have to leave the game after you plant seeds, just come back and check your Moshling Garden later on. It takes 6 hours for the seeds to grow, and they will continue to grow, even if you have to sign out of the Moshi Monsters game.