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There isn't a code with those exact colors. If you plant another Moon Orchid with it and it turns black you will get Doris.

040 Doris the Rummaging Plotamus [Dino] any Moon Orchid, any Moon Orchid, Black Moon Orchid

A Yellow Snap Apple will catch Priscilla:

048 *Priscilla the Princess Pony [Pony] Yellow Snap Apple, any Moon Orchid , any Moon Orchid

Any Love Berries will get you Dipsy:

034 Dipsy the Dinky Dreamcloud [Fluffie] Any Moon Orchid, Yellow Moon Orchid, Any Love Berries

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Q: What flower do you need to plant with yellow and purple moon orchid on moshi monsters?
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Is there a way to get gloop on moshi monsters?

yes plants yellow hot silly pepper+purple moon orchid+purple moon orchid=gloop

What if stem of orchid is yellow?

Then the orchid flower will have a yellow stem.

What is the moshimonstercode for genaral fuzuki?

A purple magic beans flower,a yellow moon orchid and a pink love berries flower! mine is so cool! Come see my monsters on Moshi Monsters!I'm luckyloonie!If u want my password u will have to become my friend first!

How many moon orchid colors are there on moshi monsters?

There are six colors for flowers on Moshi Monsters: Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow So far, moshlings only need four Moon Orchid colors: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

What is the bloom color of the Adam-and-Eve Orchid?

Purple is the bloom color of the Adam-and-Eve Orchid (Aplectrum hyemale).Specifically, this wild orchid can vary in color. For example, the flowers may range from brown to purple to white. The lip tends to be white and contrasts beautifully when the flower is a greenish purple tinged with yellow.

What color is yellow after for Moon Orchid on Moshi Monsters?

The color of the flower is random, meaning that it does not come at any specific time or after any other specific color. You just have to keep planting Moon Orchid seeds until you get a yellow one.

What matches Purple?

purple and black purple and white purple and yellow

What do i put with purple moon orchid and black moon orchid?

yellow magic beans

What do you put a black moon orchid and yellow magic beans?

purple moon orchid

How do you get a Yellow Moon Orchid on Moshi Monsters?

You will need to keep planting the Moon Orchid seed until you get the Yellow one you want.

How do you get the yellow pony on moshi monsters?

Her name is Priscilla ( Prisilla is how you say it ) and this is how you get her:Moon Orchid AnyMoon Orchid AnySnap Apple Yellow

How do you get prisilla on Moshi Monsters?

yellow snap apple, any moon orchid any moon orchid(: