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Q: What five letter word has r as the second and third letter and the first and fourth letters the same?
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What 6 letter word has same first and fourth letters and same second and fifth letters?


It is four letters no first letter second letter y no third letter fourth letter n?


6 letter word x is second letter and d is fourth letter. the first and fifth letters must be the same letter?

Exuded or exudes.

What is the Eight Letter word in which third and fourth Letters are same first second and the eight letters if added will help you to write exams?


What word has aeiou in it containing the letters exactly in that order together a the first letter e the second letter i the third letter o the fourth letter and u the fifth letter?

facetious, abstemious

What is a six letter word with A as the second and fourth letters?

There are several words that fit that description.The first one that comes to mind is banana. The word bazaar does too. The fifth letter is also A.Other words:damaskfacadegaragekaratemacawstamale

What 6 letter word with the first and fourth letter that same and second and sixth letter the same?


When the symbol contains two letters the first letters is always and the second letter is always?

If the first letter is in Capitals and the second letter isn't, it is simply the name of one Element e.g. Feis Iron. If both the second and the first letters are in Captials there are two elements. e.g. CO which is Carbon Monoxide.Brad, U.K.

What was the ancient name for Iran if it's five letters and the first letter is a p and the fourth letter is a s?

Iran used to be called Persia - six letters.

What you mean by second letter of a word?

Word. The first letter is w, the second letter is o, the third letter is r and the fourth and last letter is d.

How many different arrangements can be made using four letters of LARGEST?

Assuming you don't repeat letters:* 7 options for the first letter * 6 options for the second letter * 5 options for the third letter * 4 options for the fourth letter (Multiply all of the above together.)

How many 4 letter codes are there if letters are not repeated?

If letters cannot be repeated, then there are 26 options for the first letter. There are then 25 options for the second letter. There are then 24 options for the third letter, and 23 for the fourth. This means that in total there are 26x25x24x23 options for the code. 26x25x24x23 = 358,800. Thus, there are 358,800 possible 4 letter codes.