What five-letter word ends in la?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  • Abila (one of the pillars of Hercules)
  • Alula (tuft of feathers on the first digit of a birds wing)
  • Bulla (pathology term - an elevation of the skin, filled with fluid)
  • Cella (inclosed walls of an ancient temple)
  • Chela (pincer or limb structures of crustaceans)
  • Ebola (fatal disease)
  • Fella (urban slang for "man", "boy")
  • Holla (a very loud utterance)
  • Inula (a plant genus)
  • Irula (Dravidian language similar to Tamil)
  • Koala (marsupial animal native to Australia)
  • Kwella (popular dance music in South Africa)
  • Mulla (a Muslim trained in doctrine and law of Islam)
  • Nyala (South-African antelope with spiral horns. Also the name of a city in Sudan)
  • Nyula (a species of ichneumon [an insect])
  • Palla (an oblong rectangular cloth worn by women in ancient Rome)
  • Quibla (a small terror faction)
  • Sigla (signs or abbreviations on ancient manuscripts or ancient coins)
  • Stela (an ancient stone slab or column bearing markings. Common in Egypt)
  • Stola (long garment which went down to the ankles, worn by women in Ancient Rome)
  • Tesla (a unit of magnetic flux)
  • Ulala (a genus of owl)
  • Uvula (fleshy lobe at the back of the soft pilate)
  • Villa (a large or medium country home. Common in Italy)
  • Vizla (a Hungarian hunting dog)
  • Whala (means to thrash)
  • Zilla (a low, thorny plant)
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Q: What five-letter word ends in la?
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