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The identification file is called the DatIDFl0982 or the DatIDFl0732 Depending on which game you use you can bypass it by installing the game to your 360 and while its installing you eject the disk and swap it for another empty disk, it will then say Installation failed and will say canceling which will then put all the data onto the new disk and will also put one of the Identification file onto the disk. This disk will have the game on it but it will not work on your xbox instead it will come up on your computer as a storage disk and you will be able to manually copy the Identification file onto your computer. This file can now be put onto another disk which may contain a pirated game ( i dont know what your planning to do with the disk) and the pirated game will now work because of the Identification file so you can play copied games... Although im not saying you should do that because its illegal and i have no doubt that you would break the law ;)

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Q: What file does the xbox 360 use to identify game disks?
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