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Episode 67.

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Q: What episode of Sonic X does the Metarex capture Cosmo and Chris?
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What Sonic X episode does Sonic turn into Dark Super Sonic?

when he gets really mad because the metarex captured cosmo and chris. This happens in episode 67 of sonic x. by mf842 :)

In what episode of Sonic X is Cosmo introduced?

Cosmo is a plant with short, leave green hair and pale skin. In Sonic X, Tails and Cosmo fall in love. At the end of Sonic X, Cosmo dies from a laser shot by Tails. In the end, Cosmo saves the Galaxy from the meterex. Cosmo is only in season 3 of Sonic X.

Does tails like cosmo or cream?

He mnver liked Cream. Tails seems to have a thing for older girls especially in the comics, but none his age. These furries are lying to you. He liked Cosmo, but she died.

What are the names of the members in Cosmo's clan in Sonic X?

Hertia, Galaxina, Lucas (Dark Oak), and Cosmo are the only known names of the Seedrian clan. Pale Bay Leaf, Red Pine, Yellow Zelkova and Black Narcissus are codenames developed once apart of the Metarex, but it is discovered that the Metarex were Seedrians but their real names are unknown.

Does Cosmo like Tails?

He likes cream and always will correction tails loved cosmo and cosmo loved tails... but than cosmo died and than tails loved cream again

Is there new characters on sonic x?

A. cosmo enters sonic x on the episode a cosmic call, and with her there are the metarex. B. yeah and in 2010 or 2011 theres going to be a new sonic x season and silver and blaze are in it, oh and mephiles is in it too i hear its going to be a blast!

What is the fairly odd episode where Cosmo and anti Cosmo swap bodies?

there was no such episode if your thinking of the gland plan then that might be it

Which episode of Sonic X did cosmo first appear?

Cosmo first appears in episode 53, "A Cosmic Call".

Is tails still upset that cosmo died right now?

Ya I think so that poor little fox he lost his alien slash plant girlfriend WHY METAREX?!.

Are the metarex just plants from cosmo's home planet?

I would have to say yes because when Yellow Zelcova's armor came off he looked like someone from the plant colony

What episode does cosmo die?

he neved died

What episode of Sonic X is Cosmo introduced?

Episode 53 were Cosmo crash lands a few yards infront of Amy,Cream and Cheese, and Tails.