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Ash and friends meet Meloetta in Best Wishes episode 82 and continue to interact with it until episode 97. Meloetta also appears in the special episode Meloetta's Sparkling Recital, which was a short to air alongside the 15th Pokemon movie, Kyuurem Vs The Sword of Justice.

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Q: What episode of Pokemon does Ash meet Meloetta?
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In which Pokemon episode do Ash and May meet?

the second episode.

What episode does ash meet riley in Pokemon galactic battles?

Ash meets Riley in the episode "Saving the World from Ruins!" which is the episode no 7 in Pokemon galactic battles.

In which Pokemon episode does Ash meet Dawn?

Episode 1 of Season 10 OR if your counting all of the episodes of Pokemon Episode 467

What Pokemon episode did ash meet ghastly haunter and Gengar?


Will ash catch meloetta?

No, Ash will not catch Meloetta.

What episode of Pokemon does ash and gang meet Jimmy?

Judgement day season 7 episode 52

In what Pokemon episode does ash teach kids about Pokemon?

it is in the episode right before they have their battle with the 7th gym leaderthey meet up with ZOey then

When does ash meet barry?

In the Pokemon episode " Barry's Busting Out All Over!" Hope this helped!

In which Pokemon episode does Ash meet Brock again?

well actually he never leaves if you saw the episode ash meets brock he says he needs someone to go with and ash volunteers so he stays with him forever

When does misty and ash dance in Pokemon?

I think you ment Brock, that was the episode when they meet Bill and they go in the lighthouse and meet a strange pokemon It's called 'Mystery in the Lighthouse'. Not that I love BrockXMisty, but they did dance, and Misty and Ash never did.

What episode did ash battle Giovanni?

Ash fought Giovanni in the Pokémon Black and White in the episode that is currently Episode 757 according to total episodes and the current episode title for it even though it's a translated title is "Meloetta and the Underwater Temple."

Which episode on pokemon does ash meet all the eevee evolutions?

In the original series it's "The Battling Eevee Brothers"