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Brock's Happiny evolves into a Chansey in The Brockster Is In! Which is episode 190 in the Diamond and Pearl series and the 656 episode of the entire show.

it aired in the United States on January 29, 2011 and in Japan on September 2, 2010.

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Q: What episode does brocks happiny evolve?
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What happens in Pokemon diamond pearl episode 191?

Brocks happiny evolves and stuff...

What episode does brocks golbat evolve?

in the episode control freak

What episode does brocks marsthomp evolve?

Brock's Marshtomp does not evolve during any episodes.

Does brock's happiny evolve?

Yes. Happinys evolve and become Chanseys. Happiny evolves at episode called "The Brockster is In". Pichu was poisoned and had a fever so Happiny and Brock had to help. In the last second Happiny evolved to save pichu with "Softbroiled". They were at a ship back to Twinleaf. Why does happiny have to evolve. I like Happiny's little body and strength ahh that's why i hate evolution. oh well

What episode did Brock get his Happiny?

Brock got his Happiny in One big Happiny family. That is the first episode Brock's Happiny got it's debut. Brock got his Happiny in One big Happiny family. That is the first episode Brock's Happiny got it's debut.

What does happiny evolve into?


What level will happiny evolve?

a happiny evolves with happiness, not by level. when the happiness is really high, level it once, and it will evolve into chansey.

What Pokemon can you evolve with a ovalstone?

You can evolve Happiny into a Chansey if Happiny is holding the oval stone and leveled up during the day.

When does brock's happiny evolve?

There is currently no concrete evidence that Brock's Happiny evolves at all. However, the penultimate Diamond and Pearl episode's title has been revealed as "Pokémon Doctor - Brock!" and so rumours have started up is some forums that Happiny evolves in this episode and Brock decides to leave Ash to become a Pokémon doctor.

How evolve happiny Pokemon black?

In order to evolve Happiny, you need to give it an Oval Stone and then level it up during the day and that will cause it to evolve into Chansey.

What do oval stones evolve?


How does happiny evolve with the oval stone in Pokemon diamond?

let happiny hold the oval stone and train it one level and it will evolve