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i think it is in the 289, All Things Bright and Beautifly

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Q: What episode does ash's pikachu learn iron tail?
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When does Pikachu learn iron tail?

pikachu doesnt learn iron tail.u must teach it with the TM

What level does pikachu learn iron tail?

pikachu learn iron tail at lvl 60

What four moves does ashs Pikachu have?

depends on what season you want he has known thunderbolt, agility, quick attack, iron tail, volt tackle, and electro ball.

How do you get ash's Pikachu in platinum?

i dont have ashs pikachu but i could get you close i have level 100 pikachus and i dont no how or what i need to do gts so if you could get tell me how id get you one oh it knows thunder,iron tail,thunderbolt,thundershock

Can pikachu learn iron tail in Pokemon brick bronze?


How does pikachu learn iron tail in Pokepark?

Shake the Wii Remote

Can Pikachu learn iron tail?

last i tried, he could. But it probably depends on the game... Jonsteph

When does pikachu learn iron tail on Pokemon yellow?

Different games have slightly different results and characteristics.

Can pikachu learn iron tail on emerald?

I believe so there is a TM for that you can get it in firered and leafgreen from the game corner.

What steel type moves does pikachu learn?

He can definately learn iron tail and maybe gyro ball. Why? Just catch a steel type pokemon!

When does Raichu learn iron tail?

Pikachu can only learn Iron Tail by TM. It is TM 23 in Generation IV.

How did Ash's pikachu learn iron tail?

In the Pokémon TV Show, moves are handled differently. Ash met a Pokémon Trainer named Chaz while he was traveling in the Hoenn region with May, Max and Brock. Chaz had his Sentret show Pikachu how to use Iron Tail in basically a tutoring fashion which is how Pikachu was capable of learning Iron Tail.