What does you use to dig up gold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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pans, pickaxes,shovels, and more.

by pulverzing,panning,cradling,dredging,tomming,shaft mining,puddling,dry blowing

that is all i know

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Q: What does you use to dig up gold?
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How was gold extracted from t he ore in the olden days?

They dig it or use some simple machine to dig it out.

How do you dig up gold?

Gold can be found by using items such as shovels, gold pans, and sluice buckets.

What do you use on mine craft to dig gold?

Iron Or Diamond

What did people use to dig up gold?

People used pick shovels, and gold pans to sample the dirt to check for traces of gold. Later sluice buckets were established once gold was found. Later years brought about the use of explosives and larger equipment when possible.

How do you use dig in a sentence?

i dig up all my weeds from my garden

What is the sentence of dig?

I wanna dig for gold

What did the gold miners use to dig for gold?

Gold miners used various tools to dig for gold, including picks, shovels, and pans. They would use these tools to break apart rocks and soil to access the gold deposits hidden beneath the surface. Additionally, they may have used sluice boxes and dredges to help separate the gold from other sediments.

Why were the gold diggers called diggers?

The gold diggers were called diggers because they dug. Dig?

Where was hernan Cortes desire destination?

He wanted to go to the Americas, to dig up gold.

Sylvanite is a mineral that contains 28 percent gold by mass How much sylvanite would you need to dig up to obtain 93 g of gold?

To obtain 93 g of gold from sylvanite containing 28% gold by mass, you would need to dig up 93 g / 0.28 = 332.1 g of sylvanite.

Did kids dig for the gold in the gold rush?


How do you dig for gold in Toy Story 3?

get the pick then dig