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Wheat looks like a yellow stalk when it reaches its final phase of growth.

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Q: What does wheat look like when it's done growing on minecraft?
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What does wheat look like on minecraft?

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What do chickens eat on minecraft?

Wheat, just like every other animal.

How do you grow carrots on minecraft?

Just like Wheat or Potatoes

Is it okay for growing watermelons to touch the ground?

It depends on how you would like your watermellon to be after it is done growing.

How do you get sheep to like you in minecraft pe 0.5.0 alpha?

Sheep are lured and bred with by wheat. By holding wheat you can get sheep to follow you, and by touching and holding the screen where the sheep are standing, you can breed them to make a lamb.

Was minecraft made entirely by one person?

Minecraft has now got a team of workers who work on different sections of the game like Art, Coding, Audio etc. Markus Persson A.K.A. Notch is the founder of Minecraft and has done most of it himself but due to the growing success he has started to hire more people. and also you would have to be super skilled to make a game all by yourself with no helpers

What is a Minecraft 1.3.2 seed for an already done castle?

A Minecraft world seed is what Minecraft uses to generate the terrain to begin with, it does not create any user-created structures like castles, only things like NPC villages, mines and strongholds.

What kind of climate is required to grow wheat?

A warm, frost-free growing climate, like that in the spring and summer months in North America.

How do you build a waterfall in Minecraft?

how to make a waterfall in minecraft you start to build with the water blocks then you push toggle at the block that you want to be flowing then your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Simple no game is like it sept terria and it does not compare

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At this time there are only videos available on building a time machine on Minecraft. The videos are available on YouTube.

What is sleugh his skin?

To slough one's skin is to molt it off like a snake does. Typically, this is done when an animal is growing to a larger size or is done annually.