What does the pink puffle do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It will jump on a trampoline or jump rope or swing a lasso.

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Q: What does the pink puffle do?
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How do you get the pink puffle in Club Penguin?

You have to be a member to get the pink puffle and the pinks puffles are at the Puffle shop in the plaza.

What is the pink puffle called in club penguin?

It's called a pink puffle

When will there be a hot pink puffle on cp?

There will be a hot pink puffle on CP this year, 2011.

How does a pink puffle play?

A pink puffle plays either with a trampoline, or with a skipping rope.

How do you get the pink puffle with out membership?

The only way is to buy a pink puffle toy that has the pink puffle code on it. But if you have the money to buy the toy, you may as well just buy the membership.

Is there an magenta puffle?

No, there is not a magenta puffle. Although, there is a purple puffle and a pink puffle for sale. :) I hope this helped.

Where is the pink puffle pin on Club Penguin?

The pink puffle on Club Penguin is at the Cove on the bottom left.

On clubpenguin how does a pink puffle play?

Jumps a rope / does the trampoline its favirote game is aqua grabber

What order did puffles come in?

red. pink puffle Green Puffle Purple Puffle Yellow Puffle White Puffle Orange Puffle Brown Puffle

What is the least poular puffle?

The least popular puffle is the pink one because nobody likes pink that much.

Where are the pink and purple puffles on clubpenguin ds?

the pink puffle is at the ice rink and the purple puffle is at the dance club..

If your not a member on club penguin is it legal to have a pink puffle?

well, if you were a member before you can have a pink puffle but you dont get to chose