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It took me a while to find out, too, but I know exactly what it means. Allow me to tell you the exact words. "To find the key to this door, go to the black puffle in puffle rescue and follow the shadow. But watch out for INK!" Notice the ink smudge at the bottom of the note. That indicates that there is ink danger having to do with whatever is making the shadow. I have already found the key to the door and cannot give any details or hints but one, "Look for the Door to the stairs in the rock circle." Sounds mysterious, huh? :) Good Luck!

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Q: What does the note on the sea door mean in club penguin?
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Where is the fish catalogued in Club Penguin?

There is no fish catalog in Club penguin. How ever when you go to the ski lodge and you want to buy a fishing net there is a neon blue note by the door with a fishing pole and a fishing kit! Waddle around!! P'S On club penguin my name is Candy4573 I also have a you tube named:Cpfanify

How do you get the note on the doghouse on club penguin?

you dont get it easyly

What does the circles and crosses mean on club penguin on the white note in the pet shop?

They are secret codes that need to be translated into letters.

How do you turn on the music notes club penguin?

If you mean the musical note emote, then you hold down 'E' on your keyboard and then press 'T'.

How can you get rid of the poststick note when you decorate your igloo on club penguin?

you save your igglo to remove the poststick note

How do you unlock the music note emotion on club penguin?

press "E" and "T"

What does the note say on club penguin?

its says g has numbers pare of socks

How do you use the music note emotion Club Penguin?

press et at the same time

Note on club penguin that said your cache is 0 acsessable for Club Penguin?

hi srry im not anwsering but im fallfolige on cp an u can most of the time find me on mammoth!!

What was the first pin on Club Penguin?

The first pin on Club Penguin is the shamrock which is from saint Patrick's day believed to bring luck. I know because my friend DanielOVevo he has a penguin called York and he has been on Club Penguin for ages so he has it and he has the music not so he told me he got the shamrock before the music note.

How many socks does g have on the club penguin mission?

Go to the pet shop and behind the house you will see a note. Then click on the note.

How do you fart in club penguin?

you can not fart The text above is untrue. You can fart in club penguin! It is a green music note emote-con. Without typing, press 'E' then 'T' and you will "fart"! Have fun!