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It increases the damage significantly. Usual knife does 150 damage, and the bowie knife does 1150 damage. it is also worth noting that all the guns you use do under 100, such as snipers doing 70 damage (with damage multipliers on various body parts which enable the one shot kills online (players have 100 HP in core and 30 in HC) and this also explains why knives are always a OHK online. (M14, for example, does 50-40 which is why it is a 2 or 3 shot kill) keeping that in mind, the bowie knife does 1150 damage. this means that with hellhounds, it is a one hit kill for the first three ''hellrounds'' after this the dog health maxes out permanently at 1600, meaning it is always a two hit kill. as for Zombies, up to round 12, it is a one hit knife kill, and after that, you can imagine it stays at 2 hit kill for a little while, then slowly increases as the round number increases. still, rather have a three hit knife kill at round 20 or so then a 20 hit kill knife. (amount of knives needed for kill is equal to round number)

so i would recommend you get it, for it is very useful. i know it costs 3000 points, but hey, you never have to buy ammo for it, ive explained the damage aspect and it saves ammo in your other guns. at round 20 or so, you would rather stab a zombie three times and get given the kill, youll even get bonus points for it, then using up half your ammo in your gun and then wishing desperately for a max ammo. another effective tactic when it is no longer a one hit kill: fire into the zombie crowds etc, thinning the crowds and weakening the zombies, before finishing off stragglers with what should now be back to a one hit kill knife. finally: those annoying gas zombies. if they die by your knife, they will NOT release that cloud of green gas. surely that must be worth the 3k, hmm?


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Q: What does the bowie knife do in black ops zombies?
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How do you use jogger not on black ops zombies?

It is next to a bowie knife

What do you call a knife that is not hollow blade?

i think it is a bowie knife in black ops

How much does the bowie knife cost in black ops 2?


Where is bowie knife in COD black ops?

in the theatre beside the juggernog machine

What is the knife used in Call of Duty Black Ops?

there are many types of knifes used such as the bowie knife and the sogknife

Is Black ops 2 Zombies harder than Black Ops Zombies?

Black Ops 2 Zombies is harder but also way funner than Black Ops Zombies.

How do you pack a punch bowie knife on call of duty black ops?

You cant - the bowie knife replaces your standard knife and is useful for 1 knife kills upto round 11 but after only good for crawler killing. you can upgrade the ballistic knife from the box and it instant revives other downed players .

Has cod black ops got nazi zombies?

Black Ops does have zombies

How do you get lots of points in zombies in call duty black ops?

to get the most points in the first rounds shoot the zombies 4 times in the chest them knife them you get 10 points for shooting them and get 120 for melee kills also if you get to the stage before round 10 buy the bowie knife and its a one hit one kill weapon its 3000 points but you will earn it all back in no time

Does Call of Duty Black Ops have zombies in it?

Yes, zombies are back in Black ops.

Where to buy a real Black Ops Bowie Knife?

Gun shows, sporting goods stores, some military surplus and militaria stores.

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