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It can repel wild Pokemon upon use.

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Q: What does the black flute in Pokemon emerald do?
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Pokmon LeafGreen how to get the black flute?

you can't get the black flute in leaf green but you can in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald then trade it to leaf green.

Is there a time flute in emerald?

No there is no time flute in emerald only in Pokemon colosium

How do you get the azure flute in Pokemon emerald?

there is no such thing as an azure flute in emerald, only in diamond

Blue flute Pokemon Emerald?

The blue flute wakes up sleeping pokemon

Blue flute in Pokemon emerald do?

Blue Flute - Awakens sleeping pokemons

What the use of poke flute at Pokemon emerald?

you can use it to awaken your pokemon in battle

In Pokemon Platinum what is the white flute do?

The white flute I think attracts Pokemon. Later in the game you can also receive a black flute. The black flute on the other hand repels Pokemon.

What does red flute do Pokemon emerald?

If you Pokemon is infatuated by your oppenent you can use this in battle to stop your Pokemon from being infatuated.

What are the flute colors in Pokemon sapphire?

Blue Flute- Awakens Pokemon Red Flute- Gets rid of infatuation Yellow Flute- Clears confusion Black Flute- Repels wild Pokemon White Flute- Attracts wild Pokemon And that's it.

Where do you go to get the black flute on Pokemon Platinum?

You get the black flute when you reach the smashed wall and Looker gives you it.

Can you get the mew flute in Pokemon firered leafgreen emerald sapphire or ruby?

No it doesn't exist.

How do you make the black flute wear off so you can catch Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

Simple sell the flute.